5 Fun facts about Amber

1. My name is Amber, and I am a mama to an adorable 3 year old  boy and wife to my sweet husband, Blake. My son,  Asher, is very energetic and keeps me busy! He has taught me so much including how to really go with the flow when little ones are bouncing around which is so useful for family photography! 

2. Artist at heart here!  Growing up, I was always drawing and painting. My favorite subject was faces. I just loved capturing the soul behind every unique and individual human. This is now what I love about photography. Capturing that little spark that comes from within. I see my subjects in a way that sometimes they don't even see themselves.

3. I actually have two professions. I am also an American Sign Language Interpreter. I have a love for culture and language, So if you prefer ASL as your language of choice, please let me know. :)  

4. My passion for learning about other cultures leads me to my next fun fact, I love to travel! Ive been to 14 different countries and many national parks. I have volunteered in schools in Brazil, Panama, Ecuador and Guatemala. 

5. Originally a Colorado girl, I love being in nature, so I enjoy doing sessions in outdoor locations with a background full of beautiful light. I love photographing couples and families in gardens, orchards, vineyards, beaches, mountains.. and more! I am up for hiking to an epic location on a mountain or just going to a pretty little spot that is local and convenient to get to. Just let me know what best fits you!