spoiler alert...
it's not just about the preset...

90% of your results are about what happens in camera first

Does this sound

You know you could improve your editing process, but you’re not sure how–all you know is that the hours you’re spending in front of Lightroom are stealing your joy (and your eyes hurt)!

You feel personally victimized by golden hour. This is supposed to be the best light of the day, right? Why can’t you get rid of this orange, muddy haze?

like you?

I'm ready to fix this!

This sounds exactly like me.... please help!

You go to a location and you know the lighting matters but your'e still not sure where to go.

You get into editing and you find yourself wasting hours and still not able to achieve the look you really want. What am I missing?

Despite your best efforts the skin tones still seem off and your clients aren't in love with how they look.

You feel personally victimized by golden hour. This is supposed to be the best light of the day, right? Why can’t you get rid of this orange, muddy haze?

You're sick of people trying to low ball you, you are frustrated because you feel like you won't book if you raise your prices.

You are not attracting your dream clients, and feel like you are on the hamster wheel of inquiries that don't value you for YOU! 

If you want to be a luxury photographer, you can't just slap a preset on your images and expect to get amazing results, no matter how good that preset is! My full course comes with my beautiful custom presets, but you need so much more than that. It's about lighting, white balance, settings AND editing!  

What is your work missing?

BEFORE I understood lighting, composition, and editing

AFTER I finally understood lighting, composition, white balance and editing for luxury!

"I would recommend Amber's course a million times over. If you're thinking about it. Don't hesitate. It is one of the best investments you will make for your business."

stephanie donovan

"I’ve gained the proper skills to scout beautiful light, balance out composition within my frame, and shoot in manual confidently! This has further allowed me to increase my prices and begin building my dream clientele!"

Savana Metzger

Introducing The Light Livin Transformation Course

a proven roadmap to the light and airy style!

stand out above all of the rest by mastering the 90% of what needs to happen behind the camera.

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Now imagine this being your business instead...

I'm ready for this to be my business! 

Having consistent photos in that light and airy style so your portfolio is bursting with works of art that you are beyond proud of and can't wait to share with the world!

Dream clients flooding your inbox, ready to pay you exactly what you are worth!

Looking forward to editing your photos because you now know how to shoot behind the camera!

Achieving glowing skin tones that are true to color

Doubling (or even tripling) your income without having a completely booked out calendar, but because you are finally able to raise your prices! 

You are a location scouting expert, you find the best lighting each and every time... no matter the location!

Look at these Amazing Transformations!



Photographer: Izzy WU

Photographer: Savana Metzger

Photographer: meg hunter

Photographer: merritt purdom

Photographer: tamara Michelin

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Photographer: Mellie Tongoc

Photographer: Many Feld

Photographer:katelyn keddington

Photographer: Heidi fam

Photographer:CHELSEA Reed

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Photographer: Ana Rivas

Photographer:tonaya Wright

Photographer:charle showell

Photographer: Meghan Karaan

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Photographer: Elle Luke

Photographer: hayley echols

Photographer: stephanie donovan

Photographer: Hong Nyugen

Photographer: Rebekah shull

"The Light Livin Transformation Course has been a complete game changer! I HIGHLY recommend this course. Hands down the best educational investment I have made for my business." 

Tonaya wright

"I would 1,000% recommend this course to all my photography friends wanting to elevate their brand and set themselves apart from the rest." 

Erika Norman

Welcome! I’m Amber! I’m a wife, a mama to two boys, a lover of light, and I absolutely love photographing mamas and their sweet kiddos. 

I've spent years building my dream business into a six-figure luxury brand. I used to charge $50 for an hour portrait session to now $2,000 and more per hour session. This has absolutely changed my life and my family’s life and I want to help you do the same! I truly care about each and every one of my student's success so I am always here for you if you have questions after the course! 

Bay Area Photographer & Educator

About Amber

megan moore

"I knew how to use a camera, photoshop, and lightroom, but I was never proud of my images. Then, I took the LLT course and I was finally able to achieve images I love!"

chelsea reed

"I feel like it finally 'clicked.' I am so grateful for Amber and her willingness to share her 'secrets' through her thorough and intentional course."

julie optende

"I wholeheartedly recommend this course to any photographer looking to elevate their work and find pure magic through the lens."


"Amber's method in location scouting and light filtration made everything fall into place for me! My clients’ skin tones have never been so glowy, and I never would have thought it would be so simple to learn, but she brought everything together in such a fun and easy to understand way."

Jill savellano

"The Light Livin Transformation Course has truly transformed me. Her behind the scenes take you on location as she works her magic in finding the light and perfect locations, and setting her camera to achieve such beautiful skin tones! I always feel proud and blown away with the photographs that I am now making!" 

Amanda Allphin

"Amber goes over everything you need to know to master her light and airy style! She is a wonderful educator & spends so much time listening to your questions and helping you in every way she can! She even teaches her editing style!"

katelyn keddington

"I absolutely LOVED this course! It helped me to see the light in a whole new way! I would recommend her course to everyone! She is a forever cheerleader and an amazing mentor!"

charle showell

"I have been blown away by how well Amber breaks down her style and makes it so simple to recreate. She teaches you everything you need to know in order to create stunning images with a beautiful glow."

Christine Deaton

"Taking this course was exactly the connection I needed to elevate my work. She truly gives of herself, and her knowledge, the way no other photographer mentor has before. I know that my work has improved and my editing time has been cut down by at least half, if not more!"

Nichole Pach

"There are so many different "presets" out there, but where Amber differs from them is that she takes the time during the course to teach you how to use it, along with her specific shooting technique."

Jennifer Boubalik

"I now spend less time editing and more time capturing each image through the lens! She aims to have your pictures be more consistent to your style! This is not like a normal preset you buy-it’s better! This was a game changer for me and my business!"

Tabitha Coffman

I see the light differently and edit the exact way I have always dreamed of! I have been striving to achieve the soft, glowy, airy images and I finally did it with the help of this course!

Elle Luke

"This course has saved me years of experimenting, so worth the investment! I'm believe that a lot of the art of photography comes from a deep understanding of light, mastery of the camera as a tool, and the precision of editing in post, and the LL Transformation course has increased my understanding of all three elements. I highly recommend this course, I wish I'd been able to take it sooner! "

merritt purdom

"I have always had more of a light & airy style, but something has always been missing…until now! Since taking the course, my photos have gotten significantly better and I have finally been able to achieve the gorgeous, beautiful, glow that I never thought I could pull off! This is truly one of the best investments I have done for my business and I would highly recommend Amber’s Light Livin Transformation Course!"

Heidi Fam

"During the course, she walks you through what to look for when location scouting, key composition tips, lighting, equipment and settings, client clothing, white balance, and exposure preferences. She also walks you through her very own GORGEOUS and very dreamy preset.If you feel like your work is missing something, invest in both yourself and your future clients and sign up!"

Hong Nguyen

"The LLP course took my photos to a whole new level, it literally changed my life. It change my life and my perspective on lighting and composition. It brought light and life into my world!"

what's inside this 4 hour course!

Module 1

Time of Day

Watch as I walk through my best tips and tricks for golden hour.  Here you will learn: 
  • The best time of day to shoot for soft glowing portraits without harsh lines or shadows
  • When you need to adjust shooting time and why

Module 5


  • An inside look at my gear I use and why. 
  • What lenses make the best light and airy results
  • My menu settings for setting the back button focus and menu shortcuts

Module 6

Manual Settings

Learn my tried and true camera settings for soft and glowy portraits. Here you will learn:
  • Best aperture settings for light and airy portraits
  • How to approach Shutter speed, ISO and aperture specifically for light and airy photos
  • Parameters for combining all 3 and creating amazing skin tones

Module 7

White Balance 

White balance is so important to the success of a light and airy session. Here you will learn:
  • How to use kelvin
  • See the actual screen of my camera while I set white balance in kelvin.
  • How to tell when it is too warm or too cool
  • When and how to adjust tint in camera

Module 8

Client Wardrobe

Enhance your client experience with this module. Here you will learn:
  • How to attract high end clients with your signature style
  • How to coach your clients through thorough communication
  • How to design a personalized style guide to help with wardrobe selection

Module 9

Light Livin Edit

Watch as go through in detail how I consistently edit my photos in Lightroom, explaining the why behind each slider. Here you will learn:
  • How to use the Light Livin Preset for consistent results
  • Mastering the greens in spring, fall, winter, and summer!
  • Perfecting your eye for white balance and mastering skin tones
  • Editing non-diffused light vs diffused
  • Masking tools in Lightroom
  • Cloudy light
  • Indoor studio edit
  • When I use my add detail and skin smooth portrait brushes in Lightroom and why. 
  • When to add in photoshop for tweaks and why

Module 3


Light is the anchor to your work and is the main focus of the course. Here you will learn:
  • How to confidently find amazing lighting
  • Mastering golden hour light
  • Glowing, creamy skin tones
  • 7 steps to achieving backlight without orange haze
  • How to shoot on cloudy days
  • Shooting in both diffused and non-diffused light 
  • Examples of how to shoot in bright light 
  • Behind the scenes from over 7 sessions where I point out in detail how I find the light!

Module 2

Location Scouting

Learn to location scout like an expert for the light and airy style! Here you will learn: 
  • Exactly what to look for in a location
  • What is negative space and its impact
  • A "nature wall" and how to avoid it
  • A real walk through pointing out what does and doesn't work, and where to place your clients
  • Trees and locations that work best
  • What app I use to map the arc of the sun
  • My exact angles to the sun

Module 4


Understand key elements of composition. Here you will learn:
  • Composition checklist for a light and airy photo
  • Composition mistakes to avoid
  • The most eye catching compositions
  • What to avoid when composing your photo
  • How to compose detail shots 
  • Using foreground so that you can have beautifully framed images that stand out

Learn why the time of day has such an impact on your photos!

Get ready to think just like me after this module. This will save you so much time by knowing exactly what to look for!

After this section you will finally understand light in a way you never did before!

Having well balanced beautifully composed photos will attract higher end clients.

Come away from this section able to make educated choices on what gear to use and when, so you aren't wasting money! 

This gives you the straight forward recipe to dreamy photography settings!

Save yourself hours and hours of unnecessary editing and finally master the look you love! 

Coach clients to dress in colors that look beautiful so you are able to use every session to show off your beautiful portfolio and continuously attract high end clients!

When your clients have beautiful, naural skin tones that glow they will want to frame their photos everywhere and book you again and again!

"Amber's course was career altering! She gave me all the tools to be successful in consistency, editing, scouting locations, manual setting and so much more!"

Meg hunter

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Ready to stand out above all the rest and master your camera for light and airy photos? 


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mellie tongoc

"This course allowed me to feel like my work was worth more money, and I raised my prices not too long after, so the course was definitely worth the investment!"


mellie tongoc

Before this course, I thought I had most everything figured out in terms of editing, but I was still using different personal presets that I made depending on what location I shot at. I also was constantly fiddling with all of the settings post photoshoot and doing a lot of localized brush work after each session to even out skin tones or dark spots, etc. I just wanted something to help simplify and expedite the whole process. Enter the Light Livin Transformation course. I love how for every session I am no longer scrolling through my 10 presets that I made which vary hugely from one another. It is just one click and most of the work is already close to done. I love how I evaluate skin tones IN CAMERA now vs after the fact. I love how I have become so much more aware of negative space balance in my photos. Her indoor preset also does such huge wonders! This course allowed me to feel like my work was worth more money, and of course I raised it not too long after, so the course was definitely worth the investment!

meghan karaan

"I feel so much more confident in my ability to take dreamy photos after taking this course." 


meghan karaan

I have struggled getting a consistent look in my photos for quite some time and after taking Amber’s course, she has changed my perspective on how I shoot my subject, where to properly place them and how to edit my photos. Her course has helped me understand different lighting scenarios and what to look for so I can shoot photos with that beautiful glow in the background. One of the things that stood out was its focus on white balance and how to properly adjust your settings to have true to color skin tones. There were times before where I felt my subject's skin tones came out flat in photos but after her course I have had no issues and my photos have life and vibrance — all thanks to Amber! Her course is very thorough and engaging and I absolutely loved all the real life video content she provides. I feel so much more confident in my ability to take those dreamy photos after taking her course.

mandy feld


"Investing in the Light Livin Transformation Course was one of the best decisions I made."

mandy feld

Before the LL course, I struggled to achieve the look that I wanted. I liked my images but they were still missing something. I was struggling with mastering my skin tones, finding the perfect greens, and how to find the perfect light at every shoot. When I found The Light Livin Transformation Course I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Amber goes in depth into which lighting to shoot in and how to use light to flatter your subjects. Her focus on how to create composition in your images was eye opening. At first, I was bummed she didn’t offer her preset outside of the course and I now know exactly why. If you don’t follow the shooting steps in the course, you will not achieve the result you are expecting. One bonus I got from the course was I am more confident in setting my aperture triangle for sessions. I 110% feel this course is great without the amazing Light Livin Preset but it truly is the icing on my images. I have always struggled with skin tones while using other presets in the past. The Light Livin preset is the only one that doesn’t change your client’s natural skin tone and flatters it. In addition to achieving my dream images I have gained tons of strengths in my business. Since completing I have created a portfolio of images I am proud of, and I have been able to confidently raise my prices. In past years I would book a session here and there. Now I am booking 3-4 months out and getting more and more inquiries each week. Investing in The Light Livin Transformation Signature Course was one of the best business decisions I made.

hayley echols

"My editing process has become more efficient because I now understand how to edit for creamy skin tones!"


hayley echols

The Light Livin Transformation course has completely changed my strategy for finding the best light & location for my clients! I now feel so much more confident when I begin my sessions & more knowledgeable about where the best spot is to place my families for portraits. My editing process has become more efficient because I now understand how to edit for creamy skin tones & how to achieve the light & airy style. I am a busy mom of 2 but was able to complete the course within a month of purchasing because the content was concise & very easy to digest. I would definitely recommend this course to any photographer hoping to improve their shooting & editing skills in the light & airy style!

izzy wu

"Now that I am able to achieve consistency, I have noticed that people are instantly attracted to my style."


Can I add your testimonial here, next?

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izzy wu

Previous to signing up for Amber's mentoring sessions I was always self conscious of my own work. I struggled with lighting and location and I could never edit consistently even with presets. Investing in the LL Course was life changing. Amber gave me all the confidence in shooting and editing for me to thrive and continue pursuing my passion. I am now 200% confident in my own photography style, and I'm able to achieve consistent results through shooting and editing consistently. But the best thing I have learned from Amber was branding. Building a brand means creating something unique that only you can achieve to attract clients. Branding means you are able to deliver consistently to give clients what they are after. Now I'm able to achieve consistency I have noticed that people are instantly attracted to my style when they see my feed and website. Presets just don't work unless you shoot consistently, too! I am now booked for every weekend until February next year (it's only now November). It's pretty crazy! The results speak for themselves. Thank you for your support Amber. You’re such an inspiration to me, and always will be ❤️

You will receive a welcome email from the LLP team providing you with a link to my course host platform, Podia. You will also get a link to join my exclusive LL Insiders Facebook group! Podia will send you an email to set up your username and password, also! If you have any questions, please email asklightlivinphoto@gmail.com

How do I access the course after i purchase?

Yes! I have a payment plan option that allows you to pay in two installments. There is a button below the 'pay in full' button to utilize that option!

Is there a payment plan available?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges, all sales are final. 

What is your the refund policy?

You will have access to the course for five years!

How long do I have access to the course?

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Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges, all sales are final. 

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