the Light Livin Transformation
Signature Course

Want to achieve glowing skin tones that are NOT washed out

Are frustrated with lack of consistency in your work

Shoot in manual but are not sure how to fully achieve the light and airy style 

Education for Photographers

This live mentor Session is for you if You:

Want to know how to quickly find the best light on location

Want to spend less time editing

Want to attract your ideal client

Now Offering Group Mentor Sessions and
one-on-one sessions!

Nichole Pach

I've never been so excited about my work! It was hard in the beginning of my photography career to be consistent. I took Amber's course and it got SO much easier! There are so many different "presets" out there, but where Amber differs from them is that she takes the time during the Zoom call to TEACH YOU how to use it, along with her specific shooting technique. She was always there (and still is) to help me trouble shoot when I needed some extra advice. She's been so kind and patient. I highly recommend her course! 

I want to simplify your process for achieving dreamy and glowing images! This course is a culmination of the past year and a half of teaching students 1:1 and seeing huge results in their work! Every time I teach it makes my heart so happy to hear that my class made a huge impact on how they shoot, see the light, and edit their photos! The best part is how  make it simple to follow!! After my course, you can take my step by step approach to getting the images you have always dreamed of! Nothing makes my heart happier than to share my experience and knowledge with other photographers! As a field that tends to be self taught, I believe it is paramount that we all reach out to photographers we love and learn from each other! I hope to talk to you soon! 

Much love!

Hi! I'm Amber


Here's what's included

3 hours one on one time with me through zoom. Each session is customized to you, but the following topics will be discussed: 

  • How to location scout like an expert

  • How to confidently find amazing lighting

  • The Light Livin signature formula for consistency

  • My key composition necessities for the light and airy style

  • My tried and true camera settings 

  • Setting white balance and exposure in camera for an easy edit in post

  • Client wardrobe coaching for the best client experience 

  • The Light Livin Edit-I will go through in detail how I consistently edit my photos, explaining the why behind each slider. 

  • Lastly, we switch over to your screen  and edit one of your photos together! We will then set your preset for future use!

  • My 2 favorite portrait brushes for free! 

  • Session includes my Light Livin SOOC checklist so you know exactly what to look for when you shoot! 

  • Exclusive access to my private facebook group where I answer any questions you have after the course! 

Amanda Allphin

I never in a million years thought I could be even half as talented as Amber, I am beyond thankful that she took the time to teach ME! She is just amazing and takes the most dreamy photos! When I found out she had a one on one class I jumped right in and was so excited to learn from her!! Amber goes over everything you need to know to master her light and airy style! She teaches you how to find the beautiful light and what to look for in a perfect location! She teaches you how to compose a beautiful photo & the best way to coach your clients into wearing that perfect outfit to fit your aesthetic!! She is a wonderful educator & spends so much time listening to your questions and helping you in every way she can!! She will help you create her Lightroom preset and teaches her editing style! I feel so much more confident and can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring for my business! Thank you Amber!!  

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Are you a Beginner? Now offering a beginner add on! 

This add on goes much more in depth. IT is 2 phone calls and dives deeper into the basics of how to shoot in manual before we get into the nitty gritty of how to achieve the Light Livin LOok! 4.5 hours total

Looking for a Discount?...
Now Offering Group Mentor Sessions!

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Work through the LLP course with like-minded photographers in a group setting all for a discounted rate!


  • Total of 4 hours broken up into 2, two hour sessions!
  • This event will take place through a recorded zoom call. 
  • Small, intimate group of about 4-5 photographers. 

Now Offering
the Family Posing Course!

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Are you ready to elevate your posing to be free flowing and create connection with your clients?

I believe that posing with kiddos should be approached more like “playtime.” I am here to bridge the gap and help you create amazing visual storytelling. You’re invited to come and learn my secrets to making family sessions fun again! 

The session lasts about 2 hours and will take place via a recorded zoom call. 
 Once you sign up, we can work together to find a time that will best work for you!
It will be a small group mentor session with 4-5 people.

Here is what is included:

  • Before the shoot prep
  • Getting the kids comfortable
  • Posing categories
  • How to keep kids engaged
  • Creating connection
  • My favorite prompts
  • Rewards
  • Flattering mama
  • Culling theory
  • Telling a story with images 


Next Session Date: Will be announced soon!

Christine Deaton

I am so grateful that I came across Light Livin' Photography! Getting to be one of Amber's mentor students was exactly the connection I needed to elevate my work. Amber is patient, knowledgeable, and the best kind of cheerleader. I loved the one-on-one time I had with her, and the follow up guidance she has blessed me with since. She truly gives of herself, and her knowledge ,the way no other photographer mentor has before. The tools and tricks that Amber shares allowed me to marry both the style I'd created and the one she is famously known to achieve. I know that my work has improved and my editing time has been cut down by at least half, if not more! The cherry on top is that I can say I gained a mentor and a friend. Thank you Amber!

Jennifer Boubalik

Amber changed my editing for the better! I now spend less time editing and more time capturing each image through the lens! She aims to have your pictures be more consistent to your style! This is not like a normal preset you buy-it’s better! She walks you through how and WHY she edits a certain way so you, as a photographer, know why and how you aim for the style you want so you can tweak your photos depending on your location and specific scenarios. Amber is great with communication and checking in she genuinely wants you to learn the style after the editing course by following up with you! Thank you so much, Amber! This was a game changer for me and my business! 

Tabitha Coffman

Amber's Advice and support helped me tremendously! I am a better photographer in searching out the perfect light! I see the light differently and edit the exact way I have always dreamed of! I have been striving to achieve the soft, glowy, airy images and I finally did it with her help!

Heidi Fam

I have been following Amber’s Instagram page for a while. Her work literally stops my scroll every time. It's absolute perfection. When she started advertising for her mentoring session, I knew I HAD to sign up and I am so glad I did! Amber is the type of photographer and mentor who wants to see others shine and grow. It’s the whole community over competition vibe and I love that about her. Instead of keeping all the valuable information she has to herself, she is sharing all the goods! 

During her mentoring session, she walks you through what to look for when location scouting, key composition tips, lighting, equipment and settings, client clothing, white balance, and exposure preferences. She also walks you through her very own GORGEOUS and very dreamy preset. She made me fall in love with backlighting and warming up my photos, both of which have given my photos the glow it was missing.

I have noticed a big difference in my work and I cannot thank Amber enough. If you are a photographer and you feel like your work is missing something, invest in both yourself and your future clients and sign up!  

Meg Hunter

Amber’s mentoring course was career altering! Within a matter of a few hours, she gave me all the confidence in myself to pursuing my passion. Photography has always been a creative outlet for me. Something for me to show to clients as tangible evidence that true loves existence. However, I struggled with the confidence while shooting, editing, and social media presence. She gave me all the tools to be successful in consistency, editing, scouting locations, manual setting and so much more. Last but most definitely it least, she has helped me with many questions after we completed our session. If you have even the slightest of thoughts to taking this course this is your sign to do it! You will not regret it.