Your clients are stiff and awkward.

You are lacking creativity during your sessions.

You lack prompts and poses to allow families to naturally interact. 

You find yourself telling your clients to 'look more 
natural' instead of guiding them to actually feel natural

I've heard your frustrations...

Your clients want more than just a pretty picture, YOU want more than that too! Families want memories captured of them snuggling their baby as though they can shield them from the world forever, moments of daddy dancing with his sweet little girl and how her tiny hand wraps around his finger. Parents know they won't be that small forever so they want YOU to imprint these memories forever... 


want memories

not just portraits...

Let's face it... you are crushing it as a professional photographer. You have honed in your technical skills and editing, you are a location expert and can find amazing lighting, and are finally seeing profitability within your business... but something is still missing from your galleries and you aren't yet booking those high end clients. 

Your family sessions are chaotic (which is bound to happen with young kiddos) and you're unsure how to fix it.  

You lack control, which leads to stressed parents trying to either beg or scold their kids into cooperating. 

Your poses are often unflattering, hello hunched backs and double chins!

Your galleries are good, but you aren't producing heirloom-worthy, memory filled portraits.

Your clients want more than just a pretty picture...

imagine this instead...   

Knowledge of posing categories to flatter your clients fit for every situation!

Feeling confident for each session and family... even ones with littles!

Capturing true, authentic moments for your clients

Having proven, effective poses that create genuine connection 

Ready-made communication for your clients to make the client experience seamless and informative!

Attracting your ideal clients..thus allowing you to raise your prices

Seeing more profitability within your business!

meets fun


The course for portrait photographers with proven techniques for posing family and maternity sessions!


Fine art

Enroll now!

"My clients have noticed a huge difference in how fun sessions are and the kiddos love it! It keeps the fine art but adds playfulness with the prompts!"

nicole babcock

Here's what's included

$ 597

Module 1

Prepping for Your Session

Getting that genuine connection comes from you connecting with your client BEFORE the session starts. Here you will learn: 
  • Access to real-life example emails and my questionnaire to enhance your client experience
  • How to set the tone for the importance of the session
  • The secret sauce for connecting with the kiddos
  • My signature pose then prompt technique guaranteed to foster genuine experiences

Module 5


Module 6

Telling a Story

Master the art of storytelling for unforgettable galleries. Here you will learn:
  • The order in which to deliver your images in the gallery and which images have the most impact.
  • What types of images to ensure that you capture during the session to enhance your storytelling
  • How to vary your photos to create depth and interest in your galleries

Module 3


This is the game changer with any family session. Prompts coupled with poses elevate the session to a whole new level. Here you will learn:
  • Numerous playful prompts that elicit images full of genuine smiles and FUN and how to direct for each.
  • Numerous connection prompts that elicit images full of sentimental connection to imprint memories that they will want to hang on the walls. 
  • Adaptations for different situations depending on the age of kids or family dynamic
  • Behind the scenes footage of all that I teach in action! Posing is a visual art form so I back up everything with real behind the scenes clips from over 10 sessions!

Module 2

Posing Categories

Keeping your posing creative and flowing is essential to the success of the photoshoot. Here you will learn: 
  • My different posing categories and how EXACTLY to place your clients in each.
  • Explanation of what poses work best in different family situations such as young kiddos, mommy & daughter, big families, etc.
  • Techniques for each posing category and situation to make the most of each pose, like how to pivot with littles to get the shoot back on track.   
  • Behind the scenes examples from 10 different sessions 

Module 4

Flattering the Mama

Mamas are the focal point of the photoshoots, especially maternity sessions. Here you will learn:
  • How to position moms for the best angles so they feel and look beautiful
  • Connection prompts for expecting mamas that show beautiful emotion of the expecting parents
  • An entire section on poses that are designed for maternity sessions with just their partner or with families.


Module 7

Culling Theory

Rewards can help with the flow of the session and rewarding the kiddos for all of their hard work is important! Here you will learn:
  • What rewards that work great... and which ones to avoid. 
  • How to use your tone and positive reinforcement with kiddos behavior
It is all about the proportion of photos they feel beautiful in. Less is more! Here you will learn:
  • The psychology of culling and how to keep your clients coming back again and again!
  • Tips for culling theory and what to prioritize
  • Watch me cull a real session and in depth explanation of how I narrow down my photos efficiently and why!

Module 8

Adding an Editorial Edge

When you make something editorial you can automatically put a higher price tag on it because it looks more luxury.
Here you will learn:
  • How to make your maternity and family sessions magazine worthy
  • How to pull out the inner goddess of every woman
  • How to instill confidence in your clients so they feel comfortable posing in a more editorial way
  • Paying attention to the hands and how to keep them from being stiff

I'm a motherhood portrait photographer, educator, and a artist at heart. I know how fleeting moments are with our children because of my two loves, Asher and Brooks. This course is a labor of love designed for the family photographer ready to begin capturing memories and not just portraits. I infuse the magical combination of shooting and editing married with my unique posing techniques so that my clients come back to me again and again, and I'm finally sharing this secret sauce with YOU! 

My background as a Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf for over 15 years has allowed me to create my content in the most easy to understand, concise manner. I have interpreted every type of class you can imagine, all the way up to PHD level courses. This means I have the ability to translate complex concepts into the clearest most concise methods so that YOU can achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time possible, without all the fluff! After this course, you will have a step by step approach to getting heirloom quality images and clients will be begging to book with you!
I can't wait to see you in our private Facebook community for this course!

Much love!

Hi! I'm Amber


capture the


capture the


capture the



mandy feld

I love how the Light Livin guide goes beyond only showing students how to pose their subjects for photographs. It digs deeply into the craft of producing organic and real moments. In addition to offering strategies for achieving sincere interactions and reactions, the course and guide discusses the significance of connection and emotion in photography. I was struggling with always capturing the same few poses each session. I felt I was giving the same directions over and over and I was getting burnt out and feeling uncreative during shoots. Thanks to your prompts and directions shared, I now have a plethora of poses and prompts to pull from and keep each session fresh and new. They are simple and easy to follow and remember but make such a huge difference when you are on location and shooting. Now I don’t leave for session without my bag of tricks to make sure I get those shots of the kids that my clients cannot wait to hang on their walls.

Thanks to your prompts and directions shared, I now have a plethora of poses and prompts to pull from and keep each session fresh and new.

nicole babcock

Light Livin education has breathed life back into me and my photography! I feel inspired and confident again. I have been photographing for awhile now and I feel like my my work was falling flat. This course  has not only brought back my images it has inspired me! I have been having so much fun again during my sessions. My clients have noticed a huge difference in how fun sessions are and the kiddos love it! It keeps the fine art but adds playfulness with the prompts! The PDF handbook guide is also easy to understand and it is beautifully made! I think this course is great for beginners and for experts looking for a refresher! I'm so grateful for this course. It really has me happy to be a photographer!

It keeps the fine art but adds playfulness! 

Behind the scenes, ooh yeah!

All the concepts and methods I teach on will be backed up with real live examples from 10 different family and maternity sessions! Because posing is a visual art, you need to see it in action!

  • My Playful Posing Guide! This guide will be a must for your family shoots. A $225 value, yours with your purchase!
  • Exclusive footage of over 10 real-life examples to see these lessons in action!
  • Exclusive access to my private Facebook group! Surround yourself with like-minded photographers to continue learning and growing long after you finish the course!



Capturing memories for your clients that praise your work and return time and time again. 

Confident in your client experience process and ready to take on any family situation.

Raising your prices because clients will be attracted to your heartfelt, genuine work. 

Back to enjoying your sessions and worried less about 'getting it right.'

After this course, You will Be...


You get the Playful Posing Guide FREE with your purchase of the Playful Posing Course. Here's what's included:

  • A comprehensive guide including my proven posing system to marry the flattering with the fun! Even for those challenging family sessions with young kiddos!
  • How to keep kiddos engaged... throughout the session!
  • Detailed description of my method of pose then prompt secret sauce!  
  • Real examples from my galleries!  
  • Word-for-word email communication I use with families starting from the moment they book their session!
  • Why and how to have genuine connection between clients and it starts way before you ever click the shutter! Hint, clients need to connect with YOU before they will open up and connect with each other during a session! 
  • Bonus! Access to my family session spotify playlist! 

your family sessions

with the Playful Posing Guide

The course is 4 hours long. 

How long is the course?

You will receive a welcome email from the LLP team providing you with a link to my course host platform, Podia. You will also get a link to join my exclusive Playful Posing Insiders Facebook group! Podia will send you an email to set up your username and password, also! If you have any questions, please email

How do I access the course after I purchase?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges, all sales are final.

What is the refund policy?

You will have access to the course for at least two years!


Yes! I have a payment plan option that allows you to pay in two installments. There is a button below the 'pay in full' button to utilize that option!

Is there a payment plan available?

While some of the poses could work for families with older kids, this course is geared more towards families with young children.

does this course have tips for families with teenagers?

FAQ about the playful posing course