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Level up your family sessions with this proven guide! 
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  • A comprehensive guide including proven posing system to marry flattering poses with prompts that work for those challenging family sessions with young kiddos!
  • How to keep kiddos engaged... throughout the session!
  • Detailed description of my unique style of shooting, pose then prompt!  
  • Real examples from my galleries!  
  • Word-for-word email communication I use with families starting from the moment they book their session!
  • Why and how to have genuine connection between clients and it starts way before you ever click the shutter! Hint, clients need to connect with YOU before they will open up and connect with each other during a session! 
  • Bonus! Access to my family session spotify playlist! 

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  • Elevate your family sessions with proven posing tips
  • Achieve images full of genuine emotion and loving connection 
  • Learn valuable tips for working with all types of families... even the littles!
  • Produce galleries that will make your families come back to you... time and time again!

This guide is for you if you want to... 

If something is missing from your family sessions, this guide will change that.

Over 70 pages including: 
  • Preparing before your session including all my email communication and questionnaire for clients! 
  • The why and how to get genuine connection
  • Pose then prompt shooting style
  • Connecting with the littles
  • Games to mix things up!
  • Multiple siblings and how to use “groupings”
  • Flattering mama
  • Maternity posing
  • Rewards
  • Matching energy/tone of voice
  • Creating a story
  • Culling Theory
  • Fill in the blank work pages so you can create your own easy to remember session workflow! 
  • So much more!

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Get The guide